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Advice Options & Fees

“Receiving good financial advice pays a dividend that builds both wealth and confidence. The research is unequivocal that a competent financial guide can both help you achieve the returns necessary to arrive at your financial destination while simultaneously improving the quality of your journey.”

-Behavioral Alpha: The True Power of Financial Advice, Daniel Crosby, Ph.D., Nocturne Capital, October 17, 2016

Your Retirement Advisor is here for you with honest, approachable advice whether you’re a DIYer, or you’ve decided that retirement planning is not your area of expertise and you’d rather spend your time doing something else while we figure out the details of your plan. Everyone has a different capacity and interest in planning their financial life and retirement.

While we prefer working with people in our Plan It Together model, we do offer two other options: Plan It for You and Plan It Yourself.

Plan It Together: Discover. Design. Deploy

We believe the most reliable retirement outcome is attained by committing to our multi-step Retirement Solved Process in which you bring your dream, and we Discover, Design and Deploy a plan to help you live it, together. The smart and efficient process takes commitment and collaboration, but it’s an investment in knowledge and in understanding your retirement you won’t regret.

Discover Design Deploy Retirement planning
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The Process requires you to take both ownership and involvement as we lead you through our 3-steps: Discover, Design and Deploy. Within each of the steps is multiple face to face or web meetings with your advisor.

We call the process Smart because we rely on expertise, research and technology. We call it Efficient because we waste as little time as possible pulling your plan together at the lowest possible fees.

While you’re welcome to use our “Plan Done for You” or the “Plan It Yourself” options, we believe the best outcome for you is attained by committing to the “Plan it Together” process.

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Our Client Concierge Team Has Your Back

After you’ve completed our process and you become a Your Retirement Advisor client you have unlimited access to our Concierge Service. We know how hard it can be to get your life in order, let alone retirement…which is a whole other ball game. We can help you get organized and get answers to those nagging questions that pop up, no matter how big (like what should I do with an old 401k) to small questions (like how do I monitor my accounts online)? And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.


Plan Done For You

In this option, you give us your goals and the low down on what you’ve got in a Discovery meeting, and then we take care of the rest. This is a hands-off approach in which you prefer not to know the details, just the results.  We then Design and Deploy the plan and meet with you regularly to keep you updated on progress and adjustments.

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Plan It Yourself

Here’s where your inner DIY spirit comes out. You can:

The Right Retirement Advice Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Your Retirement Advisor offers a new improved approach to Retirement Planning and Portfolio Management fees. We offer what we believe to be the first of its kind, highest value, “turnkey” retirement planning service in the industry today. We understand that keeping overall fees as low as possible can have a dramatic impact on the potential success or failure of a retiree’s financial future.

Many financial advisors charge an asset management fee to manage a retiree’s portfolio with little or no retirement planning services. By and large, these advisors are pretty investment-centric, which makes sense because the industry evolved from “old school” stock brokers. Portfolio management is important, but it is only ONE facet to a well orchestrated retirement plan.

Preparing for retirement is a multi-faceted undertaking which requires more than just managing your investments. It incorporates income distribution, risk management, tax efficiency, Social Security planning, safe money strategies with annuities, life insurance, and using the equity in your home effectively. Retiring right requires detailed, organized and thoughtful planning. See below for our 4 different compensation models or download our fee disclosure document, which includes information on how fees are charged and a case study on the impact of reduced fees on your portfolio.

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The average advisor charges 1.65% for a $500,000 portfolio. Compare this to Your Retirement Advisor’s fee of 1.02% for the same portfolio, but with many more services.

(Source: Kitces, Inside Information, 2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey)

We Offer 4 Compensation Models Based on What’s Best for You

Our belief is that comprehensive retirement planning, coupled with prudent asset or portfolio management, offers the highest probability of enjoying a successful retirement. We offer various fee methods to choose from for your ultimate flexibility.

Comprehensive Services Provided:

Market Volatility Stress Test (MVST) – We stress test your current retirement against many different market environments utilizing sophisticated technology. If necessary, proper adjustments will be discussed to increase the probability of a better retirement outcome.

Tax Efficiency Assessment – We create a tax efficient income distribution strategy to reduce taxes and ultimately increase the probability of portfolio survival.

Social Security Timing Strategy – We assess multiple Social Security filing strategies to determine the most efficient strategy to maximize this benefit.

Portfolio Analysis and Management – We create a high quality, low-cost, optimized portfolio by combining the growth potential of stocks with guarantees provided by Fixed Index Annuities.

Risk Management – We develop a life insurance and Long-Term Care needs analysis to assess and then minimize potential risks.

Ask the Advisor Service – We offer unlimited access to your retirement advisor via email or personal meetings anytime to address questions or concerns.

Three Payment Methods to Choose From:
Three payment methods are offered to provide a low cost structure that suits your individual needs. Any of the three methods below includes the comprehensive suite of retirement planning and asset management services outlined above.

Payment Method #1 – Hourly Fee
An hourly fee can be utilized to provide Retirement Planning, Financial Planning or Portfolio Management services. Hourly fee for services: $200

Payment Method #2 – Flat Fee Structure
This structure offers the ultimate in flexibility. It allows the advisor to offer advice regardless of where the investment assets are positioned. A flat annual fee will be paid to the advisor to offer the full complement of retirement planning services; Tax Analysis, Investment Management, Risk Management, as well as any other planning needs. Utilizing this structure offers ultimate flexibility since assets can be positioned in the current 401(k) or with any investment management company.

Our only goal is to offer the best unbiased planning possible as your retirement advisor.

Total Net Worth Under $249k $250K – $499k $500K – $999k $1mil & above
Annual Flat Fee $ 2500 $ 3500 $ 4500 $ 5500

The annual flat fee provides all portfolio management and comprehensive retirement planning services but does not include any asset management related fees which will be determined based upon the asset management and custodial company utilized.

Payment Method #3 – Asset Based Management Fee
This fee is assessed as a percentage of the investment assets under management.
It is automatically debited either quarterly, semi-annually or annually based upon the investment assets under management (AUM).

$100,000–$249,999: 00% advisor fee +.40% Unified Program fee +.2687% SAM/ETF fee = 1.69%
$250,000–$499,999: .75% advisor fee + .40% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = 1.42%
$500,000-$999,000: =  .60% advisor fee + .35% Unified Program fee + .2687% SAM/ETF fee = 1.22%
$1mil – $2mil: .45% advisor fee + .25% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = .969%
$2,000,000 & above:  Negotiable

A Flat Planning Fee can be utilized to provide Retirement Planning or Financial Planning services as follows:

  • Retirement Income Projection Analysis (RIPA) – $750
  • Retirement Tax Analysis – $500
  • Portfolio Management Strategy – $400
  • Social Security Timing Report – $400
  • Risk Management: Life Insurance/Long-Term Care Needs Assessment – $400
  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning Needs Assessment (Includes all above) – $1500

We offer “stand-alone” asset management services without additional planning services as follows:Assets Under Management (AUM)

$100,000–$249,999:  .75% advisor fee +.40% Unified Program fee +.2687% SAM/ETF fee = 1.42%

(Industry Ave = 1.85%*)

$250,000–$499,999:  .50% advisor fee + .40% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = 1.17%

(Industry Ave = 1.75%*)

$500,000-$999,000:  .40% advisor fee + .35% Unified Program fee + .2687% SAM/ETF fee = 1.02%

(Industry Ave = 1.65%*)

$1mil – $2mil:  .30% advisor fee + .25% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = .819%

(Industry Ave = 1.50%*)

$2,000,000 & above: Negotiable


*Source: Kitces, Inside Information, 2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey

There are instances where product availability under the Registered Advisor Platform is limited or non-existent. In this instance, a high quality, low-cost commission based product will be the best solution utilized. As a Series 7 registered securities representative and Life, Accident and Health insurance broker, a commission will be paid from each investment or insurance vendor based upon the product selected for the client. In this arrangement there can be front end fees, rear end or contingent deferred charges assessed based upon the product selection and company utilized to implement the plan. In all instances, any charges whether front, rear or combination will be discussed and agreed upon in advance of any product selection and transaction initiated.

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