is the Path of WISDOM

What do Buddha and our retirement guidance have to do with one another you ask?  Turns out, a lot. According to Google searches, the term “Middle Way” was used in the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, the first teaching that the Buddha delivered after his awakening.  In this sutta, the Buddha describes the Middle Way as a path of moderation, between the extremes. This, according to him, was the path of wisdom. He explained that the Middle Way gives vision, gives knowledge, and leads to calm, to insight, and to enlightenment.

At Your Retirement Advisor we believe extremes can be bad, especially when it comes to retirement advice. Like Buddha we believe that the Middle Way is the path of wisdom. The Middle Way in retirement advice strikes a balance between the extremes of investment advisors and insurance agents each pushing their biased viewpoint and one size fits all approach to retirement and income planning.

Your Retirement Advisor affiliated advisors, on the otherhand, are “hybrid” advisors which means they are licensed to offer balanced, objective guidance with a proper mix of investments AND insurance based on what’s best for you…not based on what product they will make the most commission from.  Many people haven’t experienced this type of advice because the financial services industry is predominantly focused on selling products instead of providing knowledge, analysis, strategy and guidance. Unlike most “traditional” financial advisors and insurance agents, Your Retirement Advisor works with you to understand your desired end results. We then partner with you to figure out “how” to get you there.

It is this lack of proper and “best interests” guidance in the industry that has led to new fiduciary regulations.  As hybrid advisors with best practices in advice, as well as in our analysis, strategies, and processes, we not only meet the fiduciary responsibilities, but we raise the bar for all other so-called retirement planners. You could say that we’re blazing new trails in retirement planning…that trail just happens to be the Middle Way.

And the second connection between Buddha and retirement guidance (and perhaps most important) is that Buddha embodies the ideals of the good life that we all seek to achieve: health, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

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“The Middle Way gives vision, gives knowledge, and leads to calm, to insight, and to enlightenment.”

“I’ve met with many financial advisors and insurance agents, but never with a hybrid advisor…I really like the fact that there is no bias toward one discipline or the other. I’m going to get advice based on what’s best for me.” -Joe

Your Retirement Advisor’s Retirement Solved approach combines a systematic and comprehensive process with intelligent and balanced guidance. We use research, software and strategy to optimize your retirement. However, you don’t have to take our advice. We guide and you decide. If your research or your gut is giving you a different answer, we’re flexible enough to give you other options that you’re 100% confident in.

We Start With the End Result

From the beginning of our relationship with you we focus on results…the end results you want in your retirement. We answer the questions: When can I retire? Do I have enough saved? and How can I make sure it lasts throughout retirement?  And once you work with us, we’re at your service for whatever financial and retirement needs you have.

Yes retirement planning is serious business (and you’ll always find us professional and on point), but we believe it should be fun too with a bit of humor, joy and friendship in the mix. When you work with us we get to know you and your family on a personal level. We invite you into our lives as you welcome us into yours. It is these deep and long lasting relationships with our clients that is the basis of a successful planning partnership. It’s why we love being a boutique provider of guidance vs. a big, corporatey kinda place where you’re just an account number.

Most Competitive Fees. Period.

Our affiliate advisors adhere to a transparent, flexible fee structure to offer the most competitive fees costs in the industry. Period. They also do an analysis of your portfolio’s current fee structure to show you how to keep more in your portfolio by understanding your fees and ultimately helping you to pay less. The fee structure that’s most economical and valuable to you is customized to your unique situation and is structured in your best interests.

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According to a 15-year study by Vanguard, working with an advisor can add about 3% in net returns. 1

Retire Your Worries

Don’t Let Fear, Confusion or Procrastination Stand in Your Way of a Confident & Comfortable Retirement. Everyone worries about the future, but you can worry less and have a lot more by following the lead of Your Retirement Advisor.

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