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With more than 78 million baby boomers retiring over the next 18 years, there’s a tremendous amount of information in circulation regarding retirement planning. A plethora of financial services companies vie to get their share of boomers’ retirement assets, suggesting that their specific mutual fund, annuity, insurance or other financial product is the only solution to retirement planning. With all this information—and lots of misinformation—it’s difficult for the average person to discern what is fact and what is fiction. Negative claims and comments in advertisements about particular products or retirement strategies, such as, “annuities are bad, the stock market is too volatile,” often make it difficult for those planning their retirement to understand what is necessary to make well-informed and educated decisions about their personal retirement planning needs.

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Brian Saranovitz Featured in Work + Money Article: “The 4% Retirement Rule is Broken”

Recently, Your Retirement Advisor co-founder Brian Saranovitz was featured in a piece by Dave Copeland for the website Work + Money titled “The The 4 Percent Retirement Rule Is...

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How to be “Cool Hand Luke” during stock market dips

In the movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s character Luke says, “Sometimes, nothing can be a real cool hand.”  Hence, prompting Dragline (George Kennedy) to nickname him “Cool Hand...

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Football and Finances at Lunenburg High Career Day

Financial Advisor, Lunenburg High Alum, and Former Professional Football Player Brian Saranovitz presented at Lunenburg High School’s Career Day on January 23rd. Brian spoke to 9-12 grade students at...

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