Our team is driven by  a competitive spirit you’ll find deeply rooted in our founder’s athletic histories. Co-founder and CEO, Brian Saranovitz has spent his life playing sports, most notably professional football following college. Co-founder and COO/CMO Lynn Toomey was a pretty prolific three sport athlete back in the day and doesn’t plan to stop playing sports anytime soon. The duo have also spent their adult lives giving back to their community through coaching youth sports.

The pair bring discipline and a winning attitude to everything they do for Your Retirement Advisor and the many clients they service. In the Fall, Brian and Lynn’s priorities are football, family and finances (probably not in that order)! The rest of the year is filled with other sports (like the Celtics and Red Sox), family and finances.

Brian likens the journey of a pre-retiree to the grid iron game he loves so much. “Retirees need a a coach, a quarterback, and a playbook in order to win at the game of retirement.  There’s so many different ‘plays’ that can get you in that end zone successfully. Our team has figured out which ones work and which ones don’t. And, we’re ready to share them with you as your retirement coach.

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Brian Saranovitz, Co-Founder

As a baby boomer himself, Brian is a co-founder and president of Your Retirement Advisor, as well as an Investment Advisor Representative. In his advisor role Brian provides planning services to clients…meeting with clients and helping them build a better retirement is what Brian enjoys most about his professions.

A former professional football player (most notably for the New England Patriots) and graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Brian has been a financial advisor for over 30 years with his company formerly known as Saranovitz Capital Management (founded by his father Norman in 1970). As a jock turned geek, Brian is obsessed with retirement research and finding the best strategies for his students and clients. Brian has witnessed firsthand clients struggling to understand the myriad of issues they face while preparing for retirement.

When he’s not reading white papers or books on retirement, Brian juggles spending time with his significant other, YRA co-founder Lynn Toomey, their brood of kids ranging in age from 14 to 29, and his large family and group of friends…many of whom are clients too! Brian believes in a balanced life (incorporating fitness, nutrition and smiling everyday), and the 80/20 rule…which means it’s okay to have a little ice cream once in a while!   Brian on Retirement Income Planning

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“Your Retirement Advisor is the culmination of our life’s work. We know with certainty that our services can make a big difference for people everywhere.”  -Brian Saranovitz

Lynn Toomey, Co-Founder

As an “almost” baby boomer herself, Lynn is a co-founder of Your Retirement Advisor  and head of marketing and operations for the company. Lynn is a marketing and start-up expert with 30 years of success launching B2C and B2B companies and products. Lynn holds a master’s degree from Simmons College and has a passion for internet entrepreneurship, personal finance and all things art.

As much as Lynn loves her work, she understands the value of relationships and taking time for “play” (although her kids will tell you she’s the queen of multi-tasking…tapping away at her laptop, while also microwaving dinner, while also slightly paying attention to a conversation with her twins)! You can usually find her and her significant other dishing out advice to their six kids, taking in a spin or yoga class, volunteer coaching, hosting friends and family for a Patriots game or simply enjoying all that life has to offer. Afterall, life is all about balance, being happy and preparing for a dreamy retirement.

“Americans carry around a lot of anxiety about retirement, yet many spend more time planning for vacation than they do for retirement! We’re going to change this.”  -Lynn Toomey

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