Retiring today is  complex. We know you have better ways to spend your time than figuring out your retirement plan, but that’s why we exist.  We make preparing for retirement easier (and more affordable), and then we help you transition into retirement with a “sustainable for life” financial plan. I guess you could say we deliver your retirement on a silver platter!

As Your Retirement Advisor, we’ve figured out the answers to your tough questions, so you don’t have to. We’re committed to helping you know enough, get enough, keep enough and have enough of the stuff that’s important to you. Once you’ve read all about our service offerings, we’re sure you’ll agree the value of Your Retirement Advisor is undeniable.

Your Retirement Advisor offers “One Stop” services for all your retirement planning needs.

Retirement planning services

Retirement Solved: Full  Service Planning

With our Full Service Planning offering, we collaborate with you and determine the best strategy for each of the retirement disciplines shown above, creating a comprehensive plan that you can implement with us, on your own or with another advisor. We believe the best retirement outcome is attained by committing to our full multi-step process. Learn more about the process

“Those who commit to a written retirement plan accummulate four times more assets than those who don’t.”  -Wells Fargo Study, 2015

Retirement Solved: A La Carte Services

We also offer advice and assessments on any of these retirement disciplines, individually (a la carte) without requiring a commitment to a full plan or implementation services. For example, we can analyze your 401(k) or  determine your Social Security filing strategy.

You’re also free to use our complimentary Learning Center anytime which includes access to a host of information and our Your Retirement Advisor University classes/e-classes and workshops.

The Right Retirement Advice Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Our Full Service fee structure combines portfolio management fees with a retirement planning fee as listed below. Both are based upon Total Investable Assets with the retirement planning fee charged in the first year only. The vast majority of retirement planning is completed in the first year with minor revisions completed over time. Most other advisors charge both fees continually and  indefinitely. We feel that the portfolio management fee and the retirement planning fee should be treated separately. Our fees are more than .50% less than the industry average. View our Fee Disclosure document and/or see below.

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We Offer 4 Compensation Methods

1. Retirement Planning & Asset Management

2. Retirement Planning Only

3. Asset Management Only

4. Broker Based (Commissions)


Our belief is that comprehensive retirement planning, coupled with prudent asset or portfolio management, offers the highest probability of enjoying a successful retirement. We offer various fee methods to choose from for your ultimate flexibility.

Comprehensive Services Provided:

  • Market Volatility Stress Test (MVST) – We stress test your current retirement against many different market environments utilizing sophisticated technology. If necessary, proper adjustments will be discussed to increase the probability of a better retirement outcome.
  • Tax Efficiency Assessment – We create a tax efficient income distribution strategy to reduce taxes and ultimately increase the probability of portfolio survival.
  • Social Security Timing Strategy – We assess multiple Social Security filing strategies to determine the most efficient strategy to maximize this benefit.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Management – We create a high quality, low-cost, optimized portfolio by combining the growth potential of stocks with guarantees provided by Fixed Index Annuities.
  • Risk Management – We develop a life insurance and Long-Term Care needs analysis to assess and then minimize potential risks.
  • Ask the Advisor Service – We offer unlimited access to your retirement advisor via email or personal meetings anytime to address questions or concerns.

Three Payment Methods to Choose From:

Three payment methods are offered to provide a low cost structure that suits your individual needs. Any of the three methods below includes the comprehensive suite of retirement planning and asset management services outlined above.

Payment Method #1 – Hourly Fee

An hourly fee can be utilized to provide Retirement Planning, Financial Planning or Portfolio Management services. Hourly fee for services: $200

Payment Method #2 – Flat Fee Structure

This structure offers the ultimate in flexibility. It allows the advisor to offer advice regardless of where the investment assets are positioned.  A flat annual fee will be paid to the advisor to offer the full complement of retirement planning services; Tax Analysis, Investment Management, Risk Management, as well as any other planning needs. Utilizing this structure offers ultimate flexibility since assets can be positioned in the current 401(k) or with any investment management company. Our only goal is to offer the best unbiased planning possible as your retirement advisor.

Total Net Worth Under $249k $250K – $499k $500K – $999k $1mil & above
Annual Flat Fee $ 2500 $ 3500 $ 4500 $ 5500

The annual flat fee provides all portfolio management and comprehensive retirement planning services but does not include any asset management related fees which will be determined based upon the asset management and custodial company utilized.

Payment Method #3 – Asset Based Management Fee

This fee is assessed as a percentage of the investment assets under management and is automatically debited either quarterly, semi-annually or annually based upon the investment assets under management (AUM).


  • $100,000–$249,999:00% advisor fee +.40% Unified Program fee +.2687% SAM/ETF fee = 1.69%
  • $250,000–$499,999: .75% advisor fee + .40% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = 42%
  • $500,000-$999,000: = .60% advisor fee + .35% Unified Program fee + .2687% SAM/ETF fee = 22%
  • $1mil – $2mil: .45% advisor fee + .25% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = .969%
  • $2,000,000 & above: Negotiable


A Flat Planning Fee can be utilized to provide Retirement Planning or Financial Planning services as follows:

  • Retirement Income Projection Analysis (RIPA) – $750
  • Retirement Tax Analysis – $500
  • Portfolio Management Strategy – $400
  • Social Security Timing Report – $400
  • Risk Management: Life Insurance/Long-Term Care Needs Assessment – $400
  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning Needs Assessment (Includes all above) – $1500


We offer “stand-alone” asset management services without additional planning services as follows:Assets Under Management (AUM)

  • $100,000–$249,999: .75% advisor fee +.40% Unified Program fee +.2687% SAM/ETF fee = 42%

Industry Ave = 1.85%*

  • $250,000–$499,999:.50% advisor fee + .40% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = 17%

Industry Ave = 1.75%*

  • $500,000-$999,000: = .40% advisor fee + .35% Unified Program fee + .2687% SAM/ETF fee = 02%

Industry Ave = 1.65%*

  • $1mil – $2mil: .30% advisor fee + .25% Unified Program fee + .2687 SAM/ETF fee = .819%

Industry Ave = 1.50%*

  • $2,000,000 & above: Negotiable

*Source: Kitces, Inside Information, 2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey


    There are instances where product availability under the Registered Advisor Platform is limited or non-existent. In this instance, a high quality, low-cost commission based product will be the best solution utilized. As a Series 7 registered securities representative and Life, Accident and Health insurance broker, a commission will be paid from each investment or insurance vendor based upon the product selected for the client. In this arrangement there can be front end fees, rear end or contingent deferred charges assessed based upon the product selection and company utilized to implement the plan. In all instances, any charges whether front, rear or combination will be discussed and agreed upon in advance of any product selection and transaction initiated.

We offer Retirement SolvedTM
for all Phases of Retirement Planning:

Pre-Retirement (Ages 25-50)

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Accumuluation Phase

Getting Ready to Retire (Ages 50-65)

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Re-Allocation Phase

Retired (Ages 65+)

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Distribution Phase

We offer Retirement Solved for all phases of retirement planning. Strategies differ depending upon the phase you are in. In the Pre-Retirement or Accumulation phase, the focus is on gathering and growing your assets.  Time is your biggest advantage. The sooner you start, the more you’ll have at the end.  In the Getting Ready to Retire or Re-Allocation phase, the focus is on analyzing what you have, determining if it’s enough and adjusting your portfolio to reduce risk while maintaining growth potential. In Retirement or the Distribution phase, the focus is on managing risk and distributing your income in the most tax efficient manner in order to provide a sustainable income throughout retirement.

Who is a Typical Your Retirement Advisor Client?

Our typical “full retirement service” clients are people getting ready to retire (aged 55-70) with at least $400,000 of investable assets.

For people aged 35-50, we offer 401k assessment, allocation and advice, as well as life insurance and investment solutions.

For people already in retirement, we offer retirement assessments and estate planning to determine how we can help your retirement income last longer.

In addition, you are likely a good fit if you:

  • Find value in partnering with a retirement expert so you can focus on other aspects of your life (and retirement)
  • Want to protect your spouse and family, and rest easy knowing someone will always be looking out for them
  • Understand the value of a balanced, objective plan that includes investments and safe money
  • Want a partner who truly cares about you and your retirement outcome
  • Want the convenience and low cost of an online advisor or if you prefer to meet face to face, we’re building a network of local advisors


For employers we offer a full suite of financial wellness/corporate education programs, including access to our e-classes. Click the link below for more details and keep in mind: anyone, regardless of age, stage of life or or asset level is welcome to use our education and assessment services. Learn more

For advisors, we offer our Retirement Solved system to help you grow your practice and make a positive impact in your community. Learn more

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“Through this whole approach we really have learned so much and now understand what we’re doing. With our other advisor we were in the dark.” -Charlie & Rebecca  

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